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a low-code developer with expertise in Rapid Software Techniques, helping clients launch products quickly.

Recent Projects

Open Music Exchange

OME utilizes the benefits of blockchain with a community-based platform and a classic retail model to enable creators to control their IP and monetize access to their music.

Stagecoach Finance

Stagecoach Finance streamlines the crypto buying experience with a one-click process, offering easy DeFi access, elimination of multiple swaps and wallets, and the option for dollar cost averaging through recurring purchases.


Scoop provides AI-powered short-form news summaries. Stay up-to-date with intuitive browsing, fitting your busy lifestyle. Experience the future of news.

The Web3 Toolbox

The Web3 Toolbox is an open-source plugin to extend Bubble, as well as an app to deploy and interact with your smart contracts.

Rapid Development Stack


The leading visual development framework allows fully customized web and mobile apps that can be extended by building custom plugins.


Pipedream is an integration platform built for developers. With Pipedream, you can build your own custom APIs, remarkably fast.

Open AI

OpenAI's suite of tools empowers developers to build apps faster than ever and opens up opportunities to build novel AI-powered apps.


HubSpot’s CRM platform has all the tools and integrations needed for marketing, sales, content management, and customer service.


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